Charles E Snow
Updated 11/12/14
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Charles Snow is a hard man to find good information on.  He has listed several occupations, has lived in a few areas around the country and abandoned
his family in 1886 and was not heard from again for 18 years.

He was born in 1828 to Joseph and Margaret Snow (Gardner) in Dover, MA.  He had at least one brother, George W Snow.

Charles married Elzada Hudson on April 9, 1853.  They had 4 boys together, George, Edwin, Elmer and Charles ( I have seen Charles listed as Frank
and Franklin in census, I think it was his middle name).  

Charles joined the Massachusetts Militia a couple of times, once from June 29, 1861 to June 20, 1862 and again from February 20, 1864 to January
9, 1865.  Both discharges were for some form of disability he claimed.  Charles joined Company H, 13th Regiment with his brother George in 1861.  
According to documents, George deserted June 18, 1862 near Manassas, VA.  Two days later, June 20, 1862, Charles got discharged for a disability
in Alexandria, VA

Charles abandoned his family and headed to Paw Paw, IL.  I have little information on his time in Illinois, I only know he was there from court
documents filed by Elzada trying to get money from his military pension.

Charles died by himself at the Togus VA home in Maine. He died September 16, 1907 and is buried in the Togus National Cemetary behind the VA.
Born:  1828
Death:  September 16, 1907